Disease and Our World: Past, Present, Future

The materials linked below were presented at a 'Science Cafe' lesson at the Hornsey School for Girls in London, on Wednesday 19th March 2014. There is no 'script' for the lesson, but the content of these files give you an idea. Topics covered included: Many thanks to the staff and pupils at Hornsey for making this event happen and taking part, in particular Head of Science Louise Kothari.

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Philip Day
March 2014

Materials we Used

Also Recommended Reading below (pdf version here), as well as a list of links to various articles online...

Recommended Reading

For an excellent, quick introduction to the concepts discussed in this lesson, see William H. McNeill's 1993 article, Patterns of Disease Emergence in History, which appeared as a short chapter in a book by Stephen Morse. This is like a condensed version of his book Plagues and Peoples (1976).

The books listed here are the ones that have been most important in influencing the content of this lesson, and are highly recommended if you want to consider any of these topics in more detail, especially those by William H. McNeill, Frank Ryan and Lynn Margulis.

Listed alphabetically by surname:
Also consider Luis Villarreal's Viruses and the Evolution of Life (2005), and Michael Oldstone's Viruses, Plagues and History (2009), which are also important books in this field, although I have not read them.

Other books which contain some related material: